There's Video: Watch Singer's New ACS Safari 911 Play In Some Gravel

Want more footage of Singer’s awesome ACS Safari Porsche 911 in action? Why would I even bother asking such a thing? Of course, you do. 

One week after unveiling its customer-commissioned All-Terrain Competition Study (ACS) to the world to instant and overwhelming admiration, Porsche 911 restoration masters Singer have released a three-minute video of the car being driven quite exuberantly over some loose surfaces by its creator, 911 guru Richard Tuthill himself.

Based on a 964, the ACS is powered by a twin-turbo, air-cooled 3.6-liter flat-six making 450 horsepower. The rear-engined rally car puts that power down through a five-speed sequential gearbox and permanent all-wheel drive. All-carbon body panels, long-travel suspension with a total of eight five-way adjustable dampers, and FIA-spec roll cages and bucket seats all lend to the ACS’s off-road performance prowess.

The delicious carbon bodywork, the fluorescent red interior, the savage bellow of that flat-six, and, of course, Tuthill’s skillful maneuvering are all on display here and it only makes us want an ACS more than we already did.

Back in October, a suspiciously-high Porsche 911 test mule was spotted rocking what looked like wooden wheel arches at the Nurburgring, a possible sign that Porsche itself is preparing to introduce a Safari variant of the 992-gen 911 from the factory. If that is indeed what Porsche is doing, it’s highly unlikely that the end product will ever hope to match the Singer on special-ness and exclusivity but it probably won’t have the Singer’s price tag either, which, according to Tuthill, remains an immensely affordable-sounding “It’ll be what it’ll be.”

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