The GMC Hummer EV\u2019s Interior Is Modern Comfort Incarnate

With the Hummer revived under the GMC banner, you’re probably expecting a modern take on upscale off-roading comfort. Especially if you remember the relative opulence of the Hummers of yore. Add to this the new all-electric Hummer is entering a world where interior comfort and features are more important than ever. Well, it looks like the GMC team have taken their studies seriously and delivered with this new Hummer.

First and foremost: let’s not forget we’re in the middle of the Screen Wars. Sitting in the latest Hummer’s dash is a 13.4-inch infotainment touch screen. For those not keeping detailed notes on screen sizes, that’s 1.4-inches bigger than the 12.0-inch touchscreen sitting in the latest Ram 1500 dashboard. Flanking the massive touchscreen is another screen, sitting in front of the driver. This digital driver information center display is smaller: a mere 12.3-inches.

Even though this is a Hummer and an off-road capable pickup, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice your love for open air cruising. Possibly inspired by people’s love for driving around in Jeeps with the tops removed, GMC has made the latest Hummer capable of having an open cabin thanks to a slick system called an Infinity Roof.

These transparent panels can obviously let light bleed through when you want a closed cabin, but can be removed and stored in the front trunk when removed. Adding to the mix is a modern truck staple: a power rear window. That should give you a good breeze through, if you’re into driving around with the wind in your hair.

As for materials, your expectations should be high for the upcoming Hummer EV. GM says it’s offering a “premium, well-executed and appointed interior.” What that means is, the Hummer folks spent time not only considering material choice, but how the user interacts with these materials.

This new Hummer might be a slight departure from the thirsty Hummers of yesteryear, but this interior keeps those over-the-top traits alive. While we’re excited about this new Hummer’s news finally breaking, we’re more looking forward to seeing how this new Hummer handles the highway.

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