Telangana introduces LED Speed Breakers

The Hyderabad traffic police have installed speed breakers with embedded LED lights at a junction to ensure motorists do not jump the traffic light.

The LED speed breakers have been installed at KBR Park junction on an experimental basis. The LEDs are synced with the traffic lights and switch colours accordingly. According to the police, the LED lights are embedded in the road and are waterproof. It is said that the lights will help motorists identify the signal from a distance, so that they can slow down the vehicle when the light turns red.

The police have reportedly said that drivers often argue that they could not see the red light as a large vehicle was blocking their view. However, lights embedded directly in the road surface would be hard to miss. 

Based on the results of this experiment, the police could take a decision to install LED speed breakers at more junctions in the city.

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