Tata Safari: 17,000 km ownership experience with 15 likes & dislikes

The SUV offers an amazing driving experience. It feels planted on highways even at high speeds.

BHPian negi15 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Time flies and the first anniversary of Wanderer arrived. So, I thought about sharing my overall ownership experience (till now) on this occasion and sharing my perspective in a nutshell.

My Use Case:

  • Any opinion is based on personal requirements. Opinions differ for the same thing based on different requirements. In my case below were the requirements.
  • Pleasure to drive
  • Comfortable long drives for a family of four. Occasional short drives with two families.
  • All essential safety features
  • Easy to drive for office-commute i.e. automatic. The only solo drive time.
  • Should have enough utility spaces.
  • No new launches. Did not want to spend energy on teething problems of new launches.
  • Decent music system. Wireless Android Auto Support, steering mounted controls. – Did not want advanced electronics in a car like ADAS.
  • Available off the shelf.
  • Panoramic sunroof was a must. (Family Wishlist)

Of all the contenders, we finally unanimously selected Safari Dark XZA+ and bought it home last year in July 2022.



Overall, the likes above have higher credits as those are what create travel experiences. Dislikes are more like complaints of features being not provided even after paying for the top end variant.

Issues faced in the last one year:

  • One TPMS sensor went bad. Was replaced under warranty.

For reference, below details should provide how the vehicle has been used for a year:

17K on ODO

  • 40% for solo office commute
  • 60% for family trips outside the city.

Fuel Economy (AC always ON, default CITY mode):

  • Average 11-12kmpl in city runs
  • Average 17-18kmpl outside city

Drive modes usage:

  • 80% CITY mode, 10% SPORTS Mode 10% ECO mode.
  • Manual Mode used only once(for trial).

Terrain response Mode usage:

  • Wet mode frequently used (during rains)
  • Rough road mode (never used)
  • Traction control never switched off.
  • Hill descent used only once for trial (on office parking ramp )

Average speeds:

  • City – 20-25kmph
  • Highway – 80-90kmph

Overall Experience:

It has been a fun-filled one year with great family outings (both short and long). Ride comfort is great and family members never reported fatigue after a long 8-10 hours drive. Seats are not very soft and are perfectly cushioned for long drives. It’s a pleasure to drive and handles very well on highways. Family really liked the commanding seating position it offers for the first two rows. For me, it provides all the usable features. Service centre experience is satisfactory. Things get done but at slow pace.

Hopefully, the good experience continues.

Keep revving!

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