SUKE highway mini signboard has been removed, to be replaced by larger supporting signages soon –

Gazetted signboard before Exit 1907 to Jalan Taman Putra and Hulu Langat

In light of social media posts and related comments regarding the recently-opened SUKE highway, specifically, on what appeared to be a small signboard located after the split junction, Prolintas has released a statement clarifying that all signboards installed along the SUKE highway fulfil approved standards by the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA).

The company refers to its gazetted signboards, each of which are installed on an overhead gantry located 250 m before a split junction. The smaller signboards – which attracted attention on social media – are supporting signboards installed at the initiative of the appointed consultant and the company, which were installed at the junction, above the directional signage.

Although the supporting signboard at the split junction was smaller than those on the overhead gantries, they still conformed to approved standards, however Prolintas has decided to remove them in order to prevent further confusion among highway users following the feedback and comments on social media.

The smaller signage that has been the highway’s latest hot topic is preceded by a larger one on an overhead gantry after turning into Exit 1907, 250 m before the split (left). The smaller, supporting signage at the split (right) that has made the rounds on social media also conforms to approved highway standards, however Prolintas has decided to remove them

The operations division of the SUKE highway is firmly committed to continuously improving its highway service quality, and new supporting signboards are being designed and are expected to be installed as soon as possible, the company added.

“Prolintas affirms that the structural design of the SUKE Expressway had ticked all the safety standards as approved by the relevant authorities and subjected to the Concession Agreement (CA), thus safe for the users. Hence, the condemnation of the operating section of this expressway being unsafe is misleading,” the company wrote in its statement.

Given its location, the SUKE Highway offers quite the view, but remember, this isn’t the place to stop for photos, for good reason. Some have already come to a bit of grief, and round-the-clock patrols have been deployed to deter non-emergency stops.


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