Street Racing VW Golf R Leaves The Line Backwards, With Smashy Consequences

Street racing just isn’t a good idea. Anyone partaking is putting themselves and likely others in danger by belting down a public road not designed for such shenanigans, and if something goes wrong, we aren’t going to be feeling sorry for the driver.

Just take this hapless street racer in a Mk6 VW Golf R. Thought to be filmed somewhere in Spain according to several users on the Reddit comment thread, this footage shows the VW revving at a standstill alongside a BMW 1-series coupe, before briskly leaving the line. In reverse.

We’re not entirely sure how the Golf driver managed this. Whether the car has a DSG automatic gearbox or a manual, accidentally shifting into reverse instead of drive/reverse isn’t an easy thing to do. Perhaps they’d reversed into position and simply forgot to shift back again.

Street Racing VW Golf R Leaves The Line Backwards, With Smashy Consequences - News

Fortunately, the wayward Golf didn’t hit any of the spectators, but it did slam hard into the front of a Seat Ibiza. While the VW seems to come away with minimal damage, the Ibiza wasn’t so lucky. It was left with a demolished front bumper, a heavily creased bonnet, smashed headlights and likely a broken radiator.

The Golf driver’s response to the situation? They swiftly drove off. Given the distinct lack of background information to go with the video, we can’t be sure if there were any consequences for them other than a damaged rear bumper.

Source: Reddit via Car Scoops

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