Steering pulling to the left on Tata cars: A common issue with no fix?

They claim that steering recalibration can be done easily on BS4 vehicles (Nexon) but not on BS6. Is this true?

BHPian NvrGivUp recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I got the Nexon XZA+ P in Feb 2021 and there is a slight pulling to the left from the very beginning. Had been raising this concern in all three services and yet the problem is not resolved. Recently I took my vehicle specifically to get it fixed. I did my due diligence to find out the potential root cause and what I found out was that the steering recalibration could resolve this issue. I told this to the service advisor and they inspected the vehicle. Confirmed the LHS pulling even after alignment was done but they cannot carry out recalibration on Nexon BS6 until some warning light throws up. They claim that steering recalibration can be done easily on BS4 vehicles (Nexon) but not on BS6. Is this true? What I came to know that is the service technician is not able to proceed with steering recalibration as there is a question that asks ” if there is a steering warning light showing up?” and if the answer is NO, then recalibration cannot be done.

Not sure why they can’t select “yes” and proceed with recalibration. Also, can the recalibration be done easily or does it involve risking the airbag sensor set up (as claimed by the SA)? Can anyone please confirm or help out to fix the issue? Do I have to raise it to customer care? Most probably they will divert it back to the last service centre where I got my vehicle checked.

I have left my vehicle with the service centre for resolving the issue. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Update: I was asked to pick up the vehicle on Thursday telling me that it was all fixed. It was just a gimmick. It was in the same condition as the previous day. They checked the wheel alignment again in my presence on Thursday and I must admit that it has improved a little bit but the original problem is still there. Since I had plans to go on a long trip, I took the vehicle and told them that I will bring the vehicle later.

BHPian SomanshuK also shared a similar story on his Tata Altroz diesel.

My engine oil had severely degraded, even before 7500 km on the odometer. I asked them to replace it, even when the manual recommends a change at 15k km. On asking the reasons for early degradation, they replied that the factory ECU settings were such that injectors were throwing in too much fuel which got mixed with the engine oil and hence, degraded the quality.

I don’t believe them one bit because I had got the ECU update done on the first (1k km) service, on their recommendation. I had asked them, back then, to check if fuel was mixing with engine oil, to which they replied, after inspection, that it was not the case, and it won’t happen now since they had upgraded the latest ECU update. Now on the second service, their reply was just to answer my query, technical considerations are damned.

Just to emphasize, on the first service, I had asked them to do the ECU update, which they didn’t first and just sent out the vehicle with the job card closed. When I asked before leaving if they had done it, they admitted that they had forgotten it but will do it now. Such a waste of my time!

So, the steering issue remains unresolved, as ever, and I don’t have the patience to follow up on everything with incompetent professionals. When you are paying for something, you expect some quality in service. Here, I have to fight for basic issues with TASS staff. Deep within, I am so frustrated that I think, if they try to resolve the problems, they will create more issues than fix one.

XZ+ comes equipped with cruise control, which I use extensively while doing long 12-hour runs. But my right shoulder blade pains because of holding the steering for long hours to keep the vehicle straight. The left drift isn’t much, but it is noticeable.

All said and done, the vehicle is great, the diesel engine is sufficiently powered and the ride quality and seating comfort (front seats) are great too. It’s just the service I am disappointed with. Planning to take it to MRF’s alignment facility and get it checked, something which TASS should have already taken care of.

I have read numerous posts stating this problem in various models, Safari, Harrier, and Nexon alike. I don’t understand why the company does not do something about it.

Also, just to add a bit of info to address the concerns of prospective buyers of Tata’s BS6 diesel, I have not had any DPF issues until now, 10k km done. Although my runs are mostly (>80%) highways, the high revs, raise the temperature enough to keep the filter clean, which may be a problem with city commuters. My brother has had these issues in BS6 diesel Seltos thrice, at just 5500kms with 100% city runs, in Kanpur, where high traffic volume does not allow shifting beyond the second motor. Even a BS6 diesel Innova in the family reported DPF to check light with mostly city-runs in Delhi.

At least I haven’t faced any DPF issues yet, which is a greater concern, thanks to the incompetence meted out by service station staff (including service advisors).

People who have had this steering issue resolved successfully, may pls advise fellow BHPians on how to proceed with the issue!

Another BHPian maddyg also shared this about the Tata Harrier.

I have a 2021 May manufactured XT+. Recently noticed that there is a slight amount of steering vibration between 105-120 Kmph. Below and above it feels normal. The said vibration is only felt when the steering is held very lightly, with one hand without holding tight. With both hands on the wheel, it’s barely perceivable. Checked this on a long highway drive, behaviour is consistent.

Haven’t noticed this till I got the alignment done at 5k, could be due to the fact that the only long long run till then was in the running-in period and did not attempt much 100+. A major reason for alignment was left pull, which is still present though slightly less in nature. Alignment was performed outside, not at the ASC.

The second service is scheduled this weekend, wondering should I report the above behaviour at ASC and demand a solution (don’t want to get it to worsen though). Has anyone else noticed something similar?

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