Shine it up: Dewalt is releasing two new 20V Max XR polishers

The Dewalt 20V Max XR Rotary Polisher would be a great solution for a paint corrector that is tired of dragging around a cable.

If you’re already doing your own paint corrections or polishing, you probably already have a heavy-duty rotary polisher. It’s probably corded, uses a brushed motor and fills the garage with an aroma of ozone and polishing compound. Weekend warriors are probably more familiar with the random orbital polisher to help lower the risk of burning through your car’s finish while still bringing it back up to snuff. Either way, if you’re already in the Dewalt battery family: There’s good news.

Dewalt is releasing a new brushless rotary polisher and random orbital polisher as part of its 20V Max XR lineup. This means the batteries you have for your Dewalt drill and battery-powered impact will slot in and power the tool. Oh yeah, and you don’t need to plug in yet another charger.

The 20V MAX XR 7-inch Variable Speed Rotary Polisher, as Dewalt calls it, operates from 800 to 2,200 rpm without any load. The tool comes with both a side handle and a bail handle, to offer whichever position you find easiest to operate. The weight without a battery is only 4.7 pounds, but the big 5.0Ah battery tacks on another 1.4 pounds. Dewalt did think of the practical use of the tool and positioned the battery’s footprint horizontally to keep the tool away from the workpiece.

The Dewalt 20V Max XR Random Orbital Polisher should be good for folks already in the Dewalt tool family, or are wanting to branch out into battery-operated tools.

For most of us, the 20V MAX XR 5-inch Variable Speed Random Orbit Polisher might be the weapon of choice. The random orbit polisher also uses a brushless motor, which should help stretch every ounce of juice from the battery. Unlike the rotary polisher, the Variable Speed Random Orbit Polisher spins at 2,000-5,500 rpm without any load. It also has a smaller backing plate — hence the 5-inch part of its name — than the rotary polisher, but it’s slightly heavier, tipping the scales at 5.7 pounds without a battery. With the 5.0Ah battery, that climbs to 7.1 pounds in the hand.

You’ll be able to buy both with or without batteries this fall. Obviously, price is affected by the battery decision. The bare 20V Max XR 7 inch Variable Speed Rotary Polisher has an MSRP of $259. That price goes up to $429 with a pair of 5.0Ah batteries. The Random Orbit Polisher is similar in price, with a $279 MSRP for a bare tool and a $449 price tag with two batteries.

If you can’t wait for the battery-powered buffer or polisher, Dewalt does currently offer a corded version. It’s a little heavier than the upcoming rotary polisher, but it’ll still get the job done. Check it out in the link below.

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