Servicing my Safari Storme at an FNG for 1st time: 5 major things done

The 4×4 SUV has completed 9 years of ownership with 80,000 km on the odo.

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80k km / 9-year update

Just completed 80,000 kms a couple of weeks back and completed 9 years with my 2014 VX 4×4 today. Got it serviced at an FNG for the first time in its lifespan a few weeks back. Had last got it serviced about a year back and at about 73k kms (yes, due to the WFH the running has come down drastically). Happy with the FNG service since he resolved a few issues where the TASS would have simply changed the parts and the cost was much lesser.

Major things done:

Apart from that, ended up with 2 punctures on a single day (well the spare wheel had never been taken out in the last 9 years so not surprised). So ended up replacing 2 tyres (Yoko Geo ATs again).

The JBL component speakers that I had originally put up in 2014 were hardly in working condition so got them replaced with the almost cheapest components available – Blaupunkt so all is good now on the music front as well.

The next expense looks like the clutch assembly servicing and rear shocks, had last year got the front set of shocks and all brake discs replaced. And, going back for the replacement of the oil in another 10k kms i.e. at 90k.

The car is performing well apart from the regular and common Storme irritants like the fuel lid not opening at times, some creaking noise from the roof liner (this seems to be because the FNG guys opened it up for Antenna sealing), the rear left door not getting locked along with Central locking. These however are things that we have come to live with. Looking forward to the next year of ownership and much more longer drives with it.

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