Safety of cars with sunroof in lightning strikes

How safe are cars with sunroof during a lightning strike?

rpm recently shared this with other BHPians

I was reading the thread on Tata Gravitas/Safari and there was quite some discussion going on about sunroof. Reading the different perspectives, the mention of safety hazards of a sunroof suddenly brings forth this old timer, tucked away neatly in some corner of my mind.

Naturally, a mish mash of sunroofs and this video led me to the title of this article.

How will a glass roof affect the Faraday Cage, should the gods decide to test their mortal zapper, on the modern Faraday, in his glass cage? I think to myself, and it dawns upon me: I’m no Faraday.

I do what anyone named Not Faraday would: a quick Google search. Which doesn’t yield any definitive results. At least, none my brain and its 8 corners could decipher. So, with my less than stellar physics and more than rusty automotive knowledge, I turn to the ol’ & trustworthy folks at Team-BHP to aid me in my quest for knowledge.

While at it, another question springs to my mind: How about an EV vs God’s mortal zapper?

Oh, and my tomfoolery on google yielded another interesting topic: Sunroofs exploding. Yes, sunroofs that go ka-boom!

Article with data on failure rates across manufacturers.

Few more questions. Last ones, I promise:

  • How often does this happen in India?
  • Has it happened to any BHPian?
  • Do they know anyone this happened to?

Thanks to rpm once again! Check out BHPian comments for more insights & information.


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