Renault Kiger CVT Turbo pros & cons: Best automatic car for its price?

In mixed driving conditions (city and highway), I was getting a fuel efficiency of around 14 km/l.

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Here is my review of the 2023 Renault Kiger CVT RXZ Turbo



Definitely has a great road presence. The front grille, DRLs, LED lights and tailgate lights make it one of the best-looking cars. I personally liked the style and effort Renault put into its design.

Cabin space:

One of the best in the segment. Looks spacious and can comfortably accommodate 5 reasonably sized adults. Lots of storage spaces and the space has been optimally utilised.


400L boot is more than sufficient for family outings. Though the loading lip is a bit high, it can easily accommodate 1 large suitcase and 2 medium-sized suitcases + small bags.

Engine and gearbox:

The main positive of Kiger is definitely its turbo engine and CVT gearbox. The gearbox is smooth and you hardly feel the gear shifts. The engine definitely has a lot of power especially when revved to over 2500 rpm. Overtaking is easy and there’s adequate power when pressed hard. Slowly, you will start enjoying the sound of its engine. Even on steep slopes, it doesn’t complain much. Once the speed crosses 90, it is pure delight. The engine feels more comfortable and buttery smooth and it is best suited to those speeds.

Driving modes:

  • Sport: If you are a car lover you will enjoy the Sport mode the most. The car is extremely smooth and you can feel the power and the potential of its turbo engine.
  • Eco: As the name suggests, is best suited for mileage. But it’s difficult to drive at lower speeds in Eco mode since the pickup is very low. It is best to use this mode while driving on highways with cruise control on. It will give you marginally increased fuel efficiency.
  • Normal: Nicely sandwiched between the other two modes, this is the mode which I use most of the time. If revved hard, it will give you the necessary power – similar to Sport mode and can still be used in bumper-to-bumper city traffic.


In Tamil Nadu, in the city, I feel the service centre is very good. They are approachable and they answer your questions well. So far it’s been good. They treat you like a premium customer. The reason may be the lesser number of cars when compared to Tata or Maruti or Hyundai.

Sound and infotainment:

I love the Arkamys surround sound system. The Sony speakers give you good woofer effects and the stereo effects are nicely captured. Though not the best in segment it is still more than decent.

The touchscreen is good with a nice response. I haven’t faced any lag so far. Apple CarPlay/Android Auto works fine.

Driving dynamics:

The car feels planted at high speeds and even in sharp turns, there’s minimal body. Suspension is balanced between hard and soft and you can hardly feel the small bumps on the road. Even after long trips, you will be comfortable thanks to its well-tuned suspension and seats.

The brakes are fine and the car doesn’t lose composure if the brakes are applied at higher speeds. The steering feedback is very good and based on the drive mode, the steering adjusts the weight itself. The car remains stable and gives me proper support/adjustments even when I go through curves at high speeds.


I think it covers the main features at this price point. Cruise control, TPMS, ESC, traction control, brake assist and hill hold assist. Except for a 360-degree camera and ventilated seats, you could get almost every necessary feature.


Creaky noises:

There is brake noise, especially at the start when you take out the car. It has reduced over time but has not completely gone. The service guys said it will gradually fade off. Sometimes the steering also makes creaky sounds. The service guys said it would go away over time and the sounds are due to it being a new vehicle.


It is a VFM car and the main reason you feel it is not premium only because of the plastics. The plastics, especially the interior door handle plastics, give it a feel of a budget car. Though the interior could have been better, it’s definitely not bad. It is adequate but could have been better, at least in the top variants.

Rear camera:

The clarity of the rear camera could have been better. On a bright sunny day or in optimum light it is alright, but it struggles in extreme brightness when directly opposite to the sun. Night vision could have been better.

Features that could have been available with accessories:

A few features like a 360-degree camera, ventilated seats, and vehicle tracking/vehicle data through Apps like Renault Connect could have been provided at least as an option or at least for top trim variants.

Mixed bag:

Fuel efficiency:

Fuel efficiency is better on the highway. On highway drives, I can get around 16 km/l but not the promised 18/19 km/l by the sales/service team.

In mixed driving conditions (city and highway) I was getting around 14 km/l. In city traffic, it returns between 8 to 11 km/l max. This is similar to its competitors, but I expected a bit more since I was driving with a light foot most of the time. The service team said it would gradually improve after the first service.


The headlight throw is very good. You could clearly see the LEDs performing well. But on open roads when there is no reflector/object in front and a vehicle comes from the opposite side with its headlights on high beam, I can sense the throw could have been better. The service team asked me to adjust the light knob, but even after adjusting it, I am yet to get the desired throw.

Vibrations at idle:

I expected vibrations at low speeds since it is a 3-cylinder engine. When you stop at signals and if the gear shifter is in D mode, you can feel a lot of vibrations and if the gear shifter is in N mode, they reduce a bit. The damping could have been better and similar to its competitors to reduce the vibrations. Though not a big complaint, the vibration level could have been better.


Overall, I’m liking the car for its peppy engine, smooth CVT gearbox, great looks and very good driving dynamics. I feel that I made the right choice buying the Kiger. No regrets so far and I’m loving this car, especially the Sport mode. I would definitely recommend it to my friends and others. Easily the best automatic car you can get at this price point.

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