Recurring errors on my Creta leave me frustrated: What should I do next

The last time my car was with Hyundai for almost a fortnight and I was told an expert technical team from Hyundai had extensively tested the vehicle.

BHPian iamitp recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The dreaded TCU failure warning and check-engine warning light has returned. No issue with the functioning of the DCT though, yet. I am in a conundrum.

Should I bring this to the attention of my Hyundai touchpoint – the Area Service Manager, and Koncept Hyundai warranty manager?

Their response has previously been to take the car, run diagnostics, software updates etc. to get rid of the message. The last time my car was with Hyundai for almost a fortnight and I was told an expert technical team from Hyundai had extensively tested the vehicle. Yet, the error message has returned.

Should I ignore the error display as long as the vehicle is running fine?

At least till the next service which is about 4K KM away. This is what I am doing presently, as I have little faith in Hyundai’s ability to fix this issue permanently.

Should I escalate the matter to get a replacement gearbox again?

Is a replacement car out of the question? Since the gearbox has already been replaced and despite 4-5 instances of troubleshooting the error message (albeit not the issue, yet) has returned. Can we DCT BHPians file a joint consumer case to pressurize Hyundai for a recall?

Here’s what BHPian buzzy_boy had to say on the matter:

I don’t see a need to form an association in order to take the legal route. You can do so out of your individual capacity.

It’s likely that you’ll get some kind of compensation if you take the legal route, but full replacement I don’t believe is likely.

My advice: get the error sorted, sell the car if you can (even if you need to take a depreciation hit), and move on. Be at peace.

Here’s what BHPian had to say on the matter:

You must inform Hyundai again of your trouble as this will document the sequence and make it official, the problem you are facing and put some pressure on Hyundai folks. I believe they would again restart the process of diagnostics like last time and you might have to keep the car there for a few days but its un avoidable and still the best course of action.

Here’s what BHPian Reinhard had to say on the matter:

Next time any service center says “technical expert”, – tell them that you want to be personally present when this so called “expert” team arrives – and if any of this is done still without your presence with the car – you’ll be filing a lawsuit.

That said – I’d rather sell this car off and get it over with. No matter whether its a daily driver or not. Get some cheap beater car for 2-3 lakhs from for that purpose, and sell it back after 6/12 months after you get a new car to replace the Creta. The peace of mind achieved will be worth it and the process will always be pretty easy and fast. You won’t be without a car for much. If you pick the right platform – just 1-2 days or so even.

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