Rattling issues on my 6-month old Jeep Compass and FCA’s poor response

I don’t have the heart to see them rip open the dashboard again and again in the name of fixing the noise. Should anyone go though this after spending 36 big ones?

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Married for only six months. Need some relationship advice..

Not sure at what point someone goes to a marriage counselor or relationship advisor. I fell in love so madly that I went beyond my limits to get married. I didn’t listen to the advice of some of my elders who advised against getting married to such a rich spouse. I was not in any mood to listen. Now after six months of marriage, I fear if I made the right choice.

Besides admiring from a distance whenever I get to see, I didn’t get a lot of time to spend with my spouse. We went on only 3-4 dates before deciding to get married.

Guess the number of dates were not enough. Since my partner (was) groomed really well during the dates, I am picking on few things which bothers me only now. So I need some advice if I should think about a respectful divorce or find a way to live with my spouse. These are my complaints.

My father in law and his family are unable to intervene and help the situation. Ever since this marriage, they have been very busy with their own business. Occasionally someone calls from their family. I explain the issues. And they forget it.

Guess they are interested in the wedding ceremony of my spouse’s sibling. Interesting name though – Meridian

That’s how far I could write using an analogy. Here are my cribs about my Compass Model S 4×4.

1. Rattling noise from everywhere. Car spent 4 days in the service center. They claimed the rattling noises were fixed. All it took was one day. The noises are back again. This time from different parts. See this.. My left leg touches the center console as it’s is close to the foot we’ll. The center console makes squeaky/minor rattling noise. I was told to keep my leg away from touching the center console. Seriously?

2. The auto box is just not responsive. So much so.. I asked the service center to check if my accelerator pedal was tight. Guess I was very naive.

3.Summers are here. Even with a sun film, the AC is just not enough. Mind you.. I keep it at LO.

4. Even with the latest software update, the U connect system is buggy. Doesn’t skip tracks when connected using a wire. Tried replacing wires. Nothing works. Mine is an iPhone 13.

Most annoying issue is #1. I wonder if they did enough testing to make sure all these noises don’t come. Is it not any car maker’s job to make sure the customers enjoy a quiet ride? Imagine driving a car which makes constant rattling noise during long drives. I can only bump up music volume only upto some extent. It went to an extent, I had to take a train for a recent trip instead of this car.

Now comes my question. How far can I deal with this nonsense? Every time a different person calls from Jeep and direct me to the same service manager. Doesn’t seem to reach the right levels.

I don’t have the heart to see them rip open the dashboard again and again in the name of fixing the noise. Should anyone go though this after spending 36 big ones(on road Bangalore)

So I need some advice from you all.

Here’s what BHPian niki9009 had to say on the matter:

Jeep customer service is a joke, when you call or write to customer care mentioned in website they only re-direct you to the service center with whom you are already not satisfied. There is no escalation matrix nothing!! I tried escalating an issue and got fed up and gave up in the end. So much for Jeep portraying itself as a premium brand.

Here’s what BHPian timuseravan had to say on the matter:

My Compass has developed rattling at two places – first above and just behind the driver’s head and the second somewhere from passenger side. One thing I noticed is that the first rattling happens much more if the car is hot (eg: kept in our summer sun for many hours). And then there are some random squeaks occasionally from the dashboard area.

I haven’t taken it to the SVC yet but it is very disappointing to pay so much for a premium car and have these kind of issues. In comparison my Scorpio (for which I paid one third the amount) had 0 rattles over 6 years of ownership.

But honestly otherwise the car has been fantastic – I have already done 3k km

Here’s what BHPian Pancham had to say on the matter:

Check if the first rattle right above the driver’s head is coming from the sunroof or not. Open the sunroof glass and see if the noise is still there. Mine had the same issue. Do let us know.

Here’s what BHPian a_chelat had to say on the matter:

I have always wondered why many still recommend the new Compass when several owners have reported this issue. This would be highlighted as one of the major cons, a QC issue, for any other car (say, the Harrier). For the Compass, everyone speaks of the comparatively ordinary AT but that is something you can live with; this is not.

Yes, the fit and finish look premium/luxurious but doesn’t sitting inside a noisy cabin take away most of the pleasure? Especially when you have spent close to 40 lakhs OTR.

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