Have a friend named Raj? Is he rich? There sure are many Rajs around with money to spare, as the latest Perlis number plate series have received very good response. According to JPJ Perlis, the RAJ number plate series, which is a running sequence, earned it a cool RM3,486,332.

The state’s road transport department also disclosed that there were a total of 4,026 bidders vying for the plates, with 2,333 ending up with what they wanted. The most expensive number was of course “RAJ 1”, which cost a very wealthy man RM202,670. “RAJ 5” finished at RM101,780 while the highest bid for “RAJ 3” was RM81,000. In contrast, the No.8 plate only scored RM68,888 – perhaps there aren’t many Chinese taukes called Raj.

Interestingly, “RAJ 41”, which can be seen as “RAJA 1” attracted 30 bids. No mention of “RAJ 4”, so perhaps that was reserved for the Raja of Perlis.

Opened for e-Bidding tender on February 18-22, the RAJ results were announced two days ago. This is the fifth Perlis number plate series to be auctioned online, with RAE being the first. JPJ says that its eBid system is completely transparent, has no human interference, and shows the bidder’s real-time rankings.

Another recent number plate series that courted headlines was KFC, but that tasty one only brought in RM2,108,364 for JPJ Kedah, much lower than what we’ve seen here.

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