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Rare, manual, light(ish) 911s don't have to cost hundreds of thousands, you know…

By Matt Bird / Wednesday, 8 June 2022 / Loading comments

To the cynics, the Porsche ‘T’ models never really seem worth it. The latest Macan T gives them more ammunition than ever, because a purist-spec SUV is a hard sell when the V6 costs the same money. But while the pared-back Caymans, Boxsters and 911s have looked a bit suspect on paper – derived from the base car yet with RRPs to rival the more powerful S models – they’ve proved much more convincing in reality.

The 911 T was especially nice. The 718s always hobbled a tad by the four-cylinder engine that not everybody loved. Perhaps it wasn’t a reimagination of an original 60s’ 911 T, because nothing from the 21st century ever could be, but it did make for a better 911 Carrera than the numbers might have suggested. Power was unchanged at 370hp, only through a standard limited-slip diff normally only offered on a Carrera S and with closer ratios for the seven-speed manual. There was also a bit less sound insulation, a lower ride height, a shorter shift, two seats only and a couple of cosmetic tweaks to make it stand out.

To drive, the Carrera T answered a few of the criticisms levelled at the 991. It was a bit louder, a bit firmer, a bit more of a sports car all the time – yet without compromising the everyday usability (missing seats notwithstanding). The Carrera S probably had broader appeal, but those who did take a punt on a T wouldn’t have been disappointed. Not least with the rarity appeal on top – there are more 991.2 GT3s in the UK than Carrera Ts.

This one should show off what the T can do just nicely. The negligible weight saving will be offset with the stereo added back in, but who would really go without that in an everyday 911? It has the manual gearbox, which feels like the T-appropriate transmission given the effort that went into making it more rewarding. It also has some natty pinstriped cloth upholstery rather than full leather, which plays nicely to the retro vibe, and the Carrera T interior package, adding the Racing Yellow accents to match the outside. It looks really smart, and elevates the T above just another Carrera. Exactly how it drives, in fact.

Like a lot of the rare, manual, brightly coloured Porsches, the 911 Carrera T has proven remarkably resilient to depreciation. The list price of this one would have been £85,576 in 2018 before the options were added, so call it £90k or so. Now it’s for sale, 15,000 miles later for £75,995. Nothing like getting a good chunk of your money back to make a car appeal even more.

And while it’s never possible to guarantee these things, the T looks a safe bet for the future as well. There were never very many, and 992-era specials seem more focused on the upper end of the range – think Sport Classic and Heritage Design Edition – so another T seems unlikely. Not least with the manual only offered on the more expensive Carrera S. It’ll never be a bargain basement option, and it isn’t a GT3 on the cheap, but a manual 911 Carrera T still has a lot in its favour. Especially in yellow.


Engine: 2,981cc, flat-six turbocharged
Transmission: 7-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Power (hp): [email protected],500rpm
Torque (lb ft): [email protected],700-5,000rpm
MPG: 29.7 (NEDC combined)
CO2: 215g/km
Year registered: 2018
Recorded mileage: 15,276
Price new: from £85,576
Yours for: £75,995

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