Polestar 2 Edition 270 returns… as Edition 230

Even fewer examples (and more money asked) as Polestar's trick BST flagship returns for seconds

By Matt Bird / Tuesday, 21 March 2023 / Loading comments

Time waits for no one in the EV world, even those customers who’ve splashed the cash on the flagship model in a manufacturer’s lineup. With customers of the 2 BST Edition 270 only just tearing the plastic off their charge cables, Polestar has announced the follow-up with an identical spec: the Edition 230.

It really is very similar, too, with the same 25mm ride height drop (on 20 per cent stiffer springs), Ohlins two-way adjustable dampers, black 21-inch wheels and Pirelli P Zero tyres. Even power and torque are unchanged, at 476hp and 502lb ft, meaning 4.4 seconds to 62mph and 125mph. The differences are now said to be on ‘performance design details’, which include a unique green Nebula paint, suede interior inserts and part recycled content. Black paint is also available, and the option of a stripe remains.

Curiously, it seems that this Edition 230 doesn’t use the newly updated Polestar 2 as its base. There’s no mention of it in the press release, and its peak torque figure is lower than the 546lb ft promised from the latest twin motor, all-wheel drive model with its new hardware. All Thomas Ingenlath had to add was that cars like this one “allow us to explore colours, graphics and materials in faster and more creative ways.” Presumably somewhat ironically, given the exterior palette is camo green and a black so dark it’s called ‘Space’.

The Edition 230 seems, basically, a chance for those who missed the boat on what must have been an oversubscribed 270. Not that there’ll be much opportunity with this car, either, as just 230 are to be made. 25 of those have been allocated for the UK (it was 40 before), and the price is £73,900. Probably a safer bet than crypto or SVB for your start-up profits, but still a lot of money for what is now familiar tech. Will lightning strike twice for Polestar’s special 2?

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