PLUS mulls Penang Bridge average speed cameras

Penang Bridge operator PLUS Malaysia is considering the installation of average speed cameras on the bridge as an additional enforcement measure to deter speeding, Bernama reported.

“The average speed of a vehicle will be calculated to determine whether it was speeding or not and this is one of our enforcement strategies,” PLUS chief operating officer Zakaria Ahmad Zabidi said when interviewed, adding that PLUS is working with the Road Transport Department (JPJ) for the installation of such cameras which would also capture the registration details of vehicles entering and exiting the bridge.

The highway operator is also waiting on the outcome of a road safety audit carried out for the bridge, which is meant to determine measures to enhance the safety features of the bridge. “Although we have already complied with all the engineering standards for the bridge, we are also conducting our own road safety audit. From the audit, we will act accordingly if there is a need to add more safety measures,” the COO said.

Attention was drawn to the Penang Bridge after a vehicle plunged into the water beneath following a collision with another car, resulting in a fatality. Safety has always been of paramount importance to PLUS, said Zakaria, noting that out of over 13,000 accidents recorded nationwide, just 2.4% took place on its highways.

“We take pride in incorporating safety into whatever we do, and we also take pride (in) the PLUS Expressway being one the safest highways in the country. We broadly put together three elements that we always focus on which we call 3E, which is enforcement, engineering and education,” he said.

These are augmented through PLUS’ continued collaboration with enforcement authorities, adoption of new technologies for maintaining its facilities and regularly holding safety awareness campaigns, the COO added. The national news agency reported earlier this year that the latest case was the fifth reported incident of fatalities due to vehicles falling off the bridge since 2010.

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