PLUS lane closures before Menora Tunnel, northbound –

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PLUS users who ply the North South Highway from Ipoh to Penang, take note. The highway operator has announced lane closures on the stretch between Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar. Specifically, it’s from KM263.75 to KM262.15, northbound heading towards the Menora Tunnel.

The left and middle lanes will be closed, leaving just the right lane open. This is an uphill stretch so traffic is slow at normal times as heavy vehicles inch their way to the tunnel. The lanes will be closed today from 8am till 5pm.

PLUS says that the 1.6-km lane closure is to facilitate the repair of the Variable Message Signs (VMS), or info board. The concessionaire says that a contraflow may be activated if needed.

With just one lane open on a normally slow stretch, there’s bound to be congestion, so be patient and drive safe. Follow the sign boards and crew instructions at the work site.

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