Owners Frustrated: Power windows keep failing on the 2017 Hyundai Creta

Got two motors replaced under warranty during the last visit to the service centre, namely the co-passenger one and rear-right one.

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I guess it’s time to add another quality issue for the 1st Gen Creta, this time being Power Window Motor pre-mature Failure. From the official review looks like 2017 are the ones affected, mine included.


I too faced the same issue twice since I got the car in 2017. Most of the time I’m the only occupant in the car and even with passengers we seldom operate the windows. Essentially the rear windows remains closed for months on end. First time o faced this problem was about six months after purchase, the rear left passenger window was responding from the driver side controls. I got out and operated it form the rear door and it rolled down and up. No issues then from operating using driver side controls. The other time was towards the end of 2019, when my wife tried to open the rear right window. This time it was not operable from both door switch and driver side switch. I turned off the ignition and waited for 30 second then tried again and it started working from both switches. I didn’t consult anyone regarding this since this was a one off case and I thought it might be because of me not using the window switches much. Then onwards I make it a point to roll down and up all windows once a week. And since 2019 the issue has not resurfaced.

BHPian sujithsidhardha:

I too had power window-related issues twice and expect another one soon. The first issue was with the front left window, which was not operating with the passenger side switch, but the same was working from the driver side. As per HASS, it was a problem with the switch and was replaced under warranty. During last year August PMS, HASS intimated that the rear left power window motor had an intermittent issue and was replaced under warranty on their own. Anyway, there was no issue when I did an overall check before PMS.

I religiously operate all electricals once a week. During last week process, the front left passenger window was not working with passenger side and driver side switches. Anyway, tried a couple of times and got it working.

Meanwhile, mine is also a 2017 model. One of my friend who took delivery along with me also had the power window issue once and got the motor replaced under warranty. It seems there is some quality issue around the power window components.

D-BHPian naveen.raju:

I had the same issue. The left side windows (front and rear passenger) stopped working. When I had consulted with HASS during the last service, they advice me to replace the motor even without diagnosing the issue. Went to a FNG, they opened the door pads, cleaned and lubricated it. They said it’s a common problem in older Hyundais. Asked me to operate these windows occasionally.

And many other BHPians have faced this problem.

I am completely fed-up of this issue.

Got two motors replaced under warranty during the last visit to the service centre (in September 2021), namely the co-passenger one and rear-right (behind the driver) one.

Got my warranty extended by paying 12k for the 5th year as well, just for this issue.

And now the driver-side window has decided to stop working. I have to face embarrassment at every mall parking lot/airport run by opening the door and taking the slip, paying money and wait for the exact change to be tendered.

Here’s what BHPian Kosfactor had to say on the matter:

Try giving the door card a firm whack while pressing the switch. Hope the battery is in good condition.

Here’s what BHPian naveen.raju had to say on the matter:

My rear windows have stopped working for quite sometime now and the front passenger side occasionally stops. Had gone to a FNG last year and they opened the door pads, applied lubricants which made all four windows work again. Since 99% of the time I don’t use the rear windows, that stopped working in few months. The workshop dude also asked me to occasionally use these windows.

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