Novitec slams Phantom, adds 685hp to the mix

Thought the pinnacle of Rolls-Royce was missing 24-inch wheels and a suspension drop? You know who to call

By Matt Bird / Monday, 12 June 2023 / Loading comments

There isn’t much that Rolls-Royce won’t do when it comes to personalisation. Heck, pay enough money and it’ll make you a bespoke Boat Tail. But there are still certain things it won’t do; even a Black Badge Rolls Royce won’t skim the tarmac or make folk gawp at the wheels – that wouldn’t be the Rolls-Royce way. But it’s bread and butter to Novitec and its Spofec luxury offshoot, so here comes its take on the eighth-generation Phantom.

Subtle, it is not. Even in black and even without the crazy exhaust of many Novitec specials, this Phantom is unmissable. Partly that’ll be due to the 40mm suspension drop, but mostly because of the incredible 24-inch, polished and brushed Spofec SP3 wheels. The disc design has been worked on with Vossen, featuring vents to keep the brakes cool and a large centre cover to keep the face smooth and hide the wheel bolts. Apparently the ‘sophisticated design’ of these wheels makes them ‘look even larger than they already are’ – you don’t say.

Each corner features a 295/30 R24 tyre, which are utterly preposterous dimensions entirely fitting for a Novitec Rolls-Royce. As well as this super shiny finish, buyers can choose from 72 different colours for the wheels. Of course. And they’re available for the EWB Phantom…

It wouldn’t be a Novitec-tuned car without a bit of extra performance, and this Phantom emphatically delivers on that score. With a bit of ECU interrogation to adjust injection, ignition and boost, a maximum of 685hp is claimed – 114hp over stock. Just as impressively, there’s now 745lb ft (up from 664lb ft) from just 1,600rpm. The Phantom is claimed to reach 62mph in five seconds flat, though top speed remains limited to 155mph on account of the weight. And, it would have to be assumed, those ridiculous wheels.

If perhaps harder to spot on a black car (and with attention somewhat diverted by the wheels), there are some body modifications to this Phantom as well. Actually quite subtle ones by the Novitec/Spofec standard, customers will be offered a bumper set, side skirts and small rear lip spoiler. Don’t be surprised if quite a few take them up on it. In for a 685hp, 24-inch-wheel penny, in for a bodykitted Rolls Royce pound.

Certainly not one for the purists, then, but the continued presence of Novitec and Spofec creations proves there are plenty out there who don’t care a jot for purity. If the aim for a car is eyeballs, dropped jaws and Instagram likes – all more important than ever, it seems – there might be nothing better than this Phantom.

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