New Hummer EV spied in the wild…

… it's just as massive as we expected

By Matt Bird / Monday, February 15, 2021 / Loading comments

Nothing was ever going to be conventional with the all-electric Hummer, and it's nice to see that expectation continue into the prototype testing phase. Because it appears from the latest spy pictures – admittedly not the most objective medium – that the 1,000hp SUV spent as much time being towed as it did actually driving anywhere.

Still, it's harder for a car to escape the snapper's lens when it's lashed down to a Chevy truck, hence the first reasonable look at GMC's latest. Even with the usual smattering of disguise, and even with a new product having not emerged for many years, it couldn't be anything but a Hummer. Faithful to the renderings already seen, this test mule clearly features the unmistakable grille on a bluff front end. Perhaps the rear end looks a little more formulaic, but the sheer size of the Hummer means it won't ever get confused for anything else.

Additional notable points include the Goodyear Wrangler tyres, much sleeker mirrors than the rendered car, chunkier running boards, a rear view camera and a shark fin antenna that looks tinier than on any other car, ever. Crucially, they are all tweaks or features that inch it closer to production – it really will look like this. Furthermore, though captured from a distance and with cover stills applied, the interior looks set to go with two large screens dominating the accommodatingly massive dash.

Predictably the Hummer looks enormous amongst regular traffic, which is obviously the point. Though seemingly not that high given its dimensions (and when pictured with a Silverado facelift), the length and width ensure this new electric model will be bigger than pretty much everything on the road. Only now it's going to be faster than pretty much everything on the road, too – yikes.

Last October, the Hummer EV was believed to be a year away, a date that seems eminently achievable given the apparent status of the car here. Looks can be deceiving of course, but the vehicle seen in the pictures doesn't look a million miles from production reality. And don't worry if 1,000hp seems a bit much right now – the 800hp one is due in 2022. As always with Hummer, the EV promises to be nothing if not memorable…

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Image credit | S.Baldauf/S.B.Medien

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