Neighbour crashes her car into my BMW 630d in building parking area

She told me in a panic tone that she accidentally crashed her car into mine and she wanted me to come down to the parking lot to take a look.

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Hello BHPians,

Accidents are inevitable , be it on the middle of the road or even at your parking lot where your car is safely parked.How much you try to safeguard your car , there are other external factors which you cannot control.

So this happened in my parking lot when my neighbour was taking her car out and ended up crashing into my car.

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It was one fine morning, I was enjoying a cup of tea when I heard my phone ringing. I sensed something was urgent as I never get any calls at that time of the day. And when I saw that the person who was trying to reach me was my neighbour I thought it was for some help. It never occurred to me that it might be something involving my car.

Then she told me in a panic tone that she accidentally crashed her car into mine and she wanted me to come down to the parking lot to take a look.For a few seconds I did not know what to say or how to react. Cursing my luck I rushed downstairs to my parking lot to assess the damage.

She had managed to hit the front bumper. After taking a closer look I could not find any dents.Less damage, less issues for both of us. There were minor scratches in the paint protection film at a few places and even this time the PPF did its job perfectly to safeguard the paint.

There was scratch in the PPF installed in the head light as well. Luckily the headlight did not break:

As my car escaped with few minor scratches in the ppf , her car ended up with a broken and dislocated bumper. I had to push the dislocated bumper to its proper position as it had come out of the clip hold it:

My neighbour had not come out of the shock and she was so frightened thinking about how I was going to react. Because she used to see me taking care of my car and she knows how much it means to me.I then helped her with parking her car and told her that there is nothing to worry as there is no major damage and a PPF reinstallation in the bumper is what’s needed to fix it.

It had been couple of days since she had bought the car and came to know that she is going for driving classes. One can easily argue that she should have been careful or may be she should not have taken the car out without somebody with her because its a parking space and there will be lots of cars. But like I said, an accident can happen anytime anywhere if it is bound to happen, no matter how careful you are or how good you are when it comes to driving.

I really appreciate her for her good gesture that she rang me up when it happened and told me that “Hey , this happened . Apologies and I am ready to compensate for the damage.”Under similar situations, accepting the mistake , an apology and the willingness to compensate for the damage caused to the other person should end anything then and there.This is applicable for the person who had caused the damage and the victim as well.Most of the time , it’s the negative attitude of the both parties which makes the situation worse.Having said that keeping your calm might not help your way out in all situations. Last year when a truck hit the back of my car, if I had remained calm then it would not have ended up well for me. 

I took the car to OCD(where I had done the ppf installation for the whole car) to get an estimate of getting the PPF reinstalled in the front bumper. The same 10 year warranty product and got an estimate of 18k. I conveyed the same to my neighbour and asked her to pay OCD straight as I do not want to get in to all these cash related transactions.

In the end , it turned out to be a costly mistake for her but she has earned respect from all of us here for her good gesture which I think is what matters most at the end of the day.

Drive safe my friends.

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