Need to replace TFT display of my 390 Adventure for a strange reason

Even in far-fetched guessing, I wouldn’t have thought that the reason behind the problem could be a faulty TFT display that costs Rs 33K.

BHPian MiSiMa recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

In one of my earlier posts, I shared details about the road trip I took just 4 days after I got my KTM 390 Adventure. I experienced multiple good & bad things during the whole journey. One of the bad things was the faulty “up” button on the left-hand switchgear that I noticed on the first day itself.

The following is an update on that.

After a month of waiting, finally, the left handlebar switch assembly arrived after ordering it (I was told that it has to be replaced and the same would have been done under warranty).

After fitting, it turns out the switch assembly was not the problem and the old one works perfectly fine. It’s the TFT unit that is faulty. Even in far-fetched reasoning and guessing, I wouldn’t have thought that if the up button is not working, the TFT is faulty.

Anyways, fortunately, the service center has TFT in stock, but they require ASM’s approval to replace it under warranty (as it costs Rs. 33k), so the wait continues for that distracting and annoying service warning to disappear from my stead.

(Picture clicked during a ride on the Puri-Konark marine drive)

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