My VW Tiguan after 1 month & 1000 km: Service, likes & other updates

Sitting inside most of its competitors and then sitting back in the Tiguan somehow makes it feel plusher and refined.

BHPian EaurougeatSpa recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Ownership update

  • Completed the 1-month 1k km check-up which they call Swagath service.
  • As per the authorised service centre, as part of this check-up, they run system checks, and software updates if any, check for any issues reported during the first month and retorque the nuts and bolts as per the prescribed parameters. It also included a free dry wash and vacuum cleaning for the interiors.
  • Post-service I was given a welcome cleaning kit which comprised Windshield cleaning liquid, shampoo, microfiber cloth and a sponge. Overall quick and clean service experience with no drama.

Car likes

  • Absolutely love the size and power combination of the vehicle, one of the main reasons I chose the Tiguan.
  • It’s large, spacious, roomy at the back and packs a punch when needed.
  • Another strong point is the overall feeling of sophistication and being put together well product feel. Very difficult to describe but sitting inside most of its competitors and then sitting back in the Tiguan makes it feel somehow plusher and refined. NVH levels are also very well maintained inside the cabin.
  • Everything works as expected so far, no niggles, rattles or creeks.
  • I use Apple Music most of the time and the spatial lossless audio stands out when I use it. I like my music but am not an audiophile but for me speakers work just fine.

Could have been better

  • Although using the wired Apple CarPlay is easy and has no issues at all, would have preferred a wireless CarPlay, especially at those times when you are in hurry. I know there is good Bluetooth connectivity but still could have been nice.
  • I got to use the heated seats one very rainy and cold early morning in Bangalore for one of my airport runs, and it turned out to be a great experience. Left me thinking if it did have cooling as well would have been fantastic.

Accessories & further updates to the car

  • Have not opted for ceramic or PPF and the I feel the shine and paint are holding up fine. Don’t intend to go for it either.
  • Have ordered a Carlink adapter for wireless CarPlay, will post a review once I get it and use it for a bit.
  • Coding is on the agenda but unfortunately haven’t had the chance to get it done yet.

Overall, so far I am very happy with the purchase and it has ticked the boxes it was supposed to tick. Would definitely recommend this to enthusiasts who are on the fence to go for this and you will not be left wanting.

Some recent pics of the car.

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