My Tork Kratos R breaks down on a hot day: RSA & repair experience

While the whole repair was handled professionally, the turn-around time could be improved.

BHPian Venky03 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I’ve been using the bike mostly for weekend rides, on 4th March while riding towards Navi-Mumbai the motor cut off mid-ride and the bike was not responding to accelerator inputs. It was not switching to any of the Eco, City or Sports modes and there was no warning before the cut-off; fortunately, I was on the left-most lane so it was a tad easier to handle the whole situation. Initially, I thought it might be the stand sensor or the cut-off button causing the issues, it was peak afternoon on a very hot day so I physically inspected the battery (it was cool to touch) and motor (very warm), called the Tork Motors toll-free and explained the issue to them, they took a while to call-back, meanwhile, I tried turning on the bike again and it was able to switch to the ride modes so I started the ride back home after waiting for 30 – 40 mins. I encountered the same issue 2 or 3 times but reached home safely and called them up again to inquire if it was a software issue or a hardware issue, since it was almost late evening and the bike was safely parked I did not push for RSA.

Called them back on Monday to inquire about the same and they mentioned that I’ll need to RSA the bike to the Pune service centre, called the RSA toll-free and arranged for a pickup. They came to pick up the bike around 3-4 hrs later.

They mentioned that it was a temperature sensor issue and that it has been replaced, the bike was delivered back to my home after around 5-6 days. While the issue was rectified in 3 days the unavailability of RSA from their side caused further delays. The entire process: Pickup > Replacement of the sensor > Delivery was FOC and handled professionally but the turn-around time can definitely be improved.

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