My Tata Safari XTA+: Quick observations a day after delivery

There is one surprise element on the SUV which is a huge value jump for this variant.

BHPian r24x7 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got my XTA+ delivered just yesterday. Had the following observations:

On the other side. The display quality and resolution are very good. Can be compared to iPad-quality displays.

One surprise element is that the system now in XTA+ comes with wireless Android Auto and Apple Carplay as opposed to what is mentioned on the brochure as wired only. As per the brochure, wireless is only from XZA.

This is a huge value jump to go ahead with the XTA+ variant if I am asked. Can’t imagine how bad it would have felt if I had got the same vehicle 2 months ago with the old system.

Everything else is good. Steering is as good as how a hydraulic would be. I have no complaints about using it.

Fingers crossed for trouble-free ownership.

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