My Mahindra XUV700 ownership: Clearing doubts, plus other observations

The Safari was the strongest alternative here and it’s XT variant was almost finalised

BHPian RavenAvi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

BHPian RavenAvi recently purchased a Mahindra XUV700 AX5 D AT and shared his complete ownership experience, from booking to delivery. Here he clarifies a few queries and observation made by other BHPians.

By BHPian BoneCollector

The XUV7OO is a complete mechanical package barring a few missing features. It does miss out on electronic features but nevertheless, it suffices.

Missing a few very basic and must-have features too. For those who don’t want the ADAS and related high-end stuff, the AX5 is a great option. If only it was a more complete variant, basic feature-wise.

By BHPian vigsom

When the 7OO was announced, and a friend of mine was contemplating a new car, I suggested only the MX or the AX5 to him.

Even the MX is sufficiently loaded for anyone with basic needs. But no ESP is a dampener. ESP is a must for these top-heavy SUVs. Many countries have this law for car companies to provide ESP as standard fitment in all their SUV products. About time India passes a law on this very crucial and important feature too.

However, what is also evident through the many ownership threads, and generally true for everything in India is

1. Nothing works per system – one gets preferential treatment if one pulls the right levers.

Indeed. I would still be on the waiting list counting the days out till March 2023 and this current level of excitement would have just dissipated if I had gone the straight route.

Maybe this would have been the ownership report of another car instead, or no ownership report at all if the tale ended with a half-hearted, second or third choice purchase.

Anyway, all’s well that ends well.

2. White – my favourite shade on most cars, but I’m surprised why you were sceptical, given that you’ve owned whites

Because of the 5OO’s White which wasn’t that impressive in the final finish, even though the shade was called Pearl White. Plus, most companies offer White shades in normal, plain shades which deteriorate with time and either lose their lustre or turn slightly yellow. But this Everest White shade is excellent. In pearl finish and combined with the shiny black parts of the car such as the piano-black ORVMs, it looks great on the 7OO.

Am planning to get the roof wrapped in Black for a complete dual-tone effect.

I opine that the groove depth need not be an indicator of tyre life. I’d expect these tyres to last 50k easily.

It might, depending on how well it stands up against everyday wear and tear. But the rural/semi-rural roads on which Icarus will see regular running, I am doubtful that these would last that long.

Anyway, I am planning to swap these for Bridgestones in the future.

A small tip – please think of a way to cover those wide openings in the grille. A medium-size stone, launched from the tyre of a heavy vehicle in front of the highway can pass through the grille and damage the condenser. Maybe you could think of installing some mesh on the inner side of the grille.

Indeed. The teeth of the grille are too spaced out and apart, possibly due to added ventilation for the mHawk. Will discuss this with the service team during 1st Free Service and decide what can be done for this. Thanks.

By BHPian sleepyhead148

One thing that I’m curious about. How are the drive modes impacting the steering response of the car? Is it too early to say at ~700 km?

From what I have observed, the steering weighs up sufficiently well in the “Zoom” mode across all speeds, be it low or high. In “Zap” mode, it’s light at low speeds but not disconcertingly light as old Hyundais of yore. It weighs up quite a bit when speeds increase. Overall, quite comfortable. Haven’t driven in the “Zip” mode yet but I can safely deduce that it must be lighter in feedback than “Zap” mode. I am sure I won’t like it at all.

By BHPian Tanmay007

I’ve found out the correct way to install the OEM screen protector is to remove the Adrenox logo, install the protector and put the logo back on, giving it a clean flush look. The logo is akin to a normal sticker and is easily removable.

I was suggested to remove the AdrenoX logo’s sticker before sticking the screen protector by the dealership guys, but I was doubtful if it would stick back properly on the matte-finished surface of the protector. Hence I went the safe route and just cut the portion out.

I shall let it be for now. Let’s see if it looks too ungainly after the next few months, or if the small bubble above the AdrenoX sticker gets bigger. I am sure a protector with a proper cut-out space would be available by then. Replacement is a given.

Build quality-wise, the door handles are a non-issue across variants. 6+ months of the car and not a single complaint of the handle being broken.

Ergonomically, I agree it could have been better for the non-luxury variant. On the luxury variant, these work beautifully. Mahindra should’ve made them motorised on all variants or offered regular handles on lower trims.

No use calling them “smart pop-out” door handles if they don’t do that on all variants, is it? Unlock and pop out, lock and pop in – that should have been the ideal mechanism.

By BHPian naveenchhillar

Even I own AX5 Diesel Automatic 7 Seater White Color; sharing almost same Positives & Negatives about this particular model.

I am still to see someone using a good Reverse Camera that’s fitted properly & not protruding outwards (unlike what M&M suggests to install). Would be keeping an eye on this particular accessory. Please share it here so that others can benefit.

I had initially ordered the OEM Reverse Camera with wiring from the Accessories section of m2all. Watched a few videos on youtube of this getting fitted and the final finish was awful, whether it was drilled and fitted into the rear bumper or installed beside the Twin Peaks logo at the rear, where the original rear camera from the AX7/AX7L are. Plus, the display from the rear camera had guidelines pointing towards the sky!

I ditched that option, contacted the Service head of the Service Center, and placed an order for the camera of the higher AX7 variant and all the fittings it comes with – wiring, couplers and the original fascia. Will get it fitted and enabled just like how it is on the AX7. Shall revert with full details.

By BHPian sbm

I have a question for you, what was the most prominent reason you went for XUV AX5 instead of Harrier XT despite the latter having better features and easy availability?

Harrier is a 5-seater so that was never in consideration. The Safari was the strongest alternative here and it’s XT variant was almost finalised with a heavy, uninterested heart on the evening of 14th April.

But as soon as my best friend called me with the good news, my heart took overhead and overshadowed it completely.

As they say “dil ka mamla hai” (translated as “affairs of the heart”). Practicality, sense and practical judgement simply went out of the window, and the rest is history. No regrets whatsoever since.

A few more interesting and useful things of note:

Details of the OEM Auto-Headlamps accessory, as given by Mahindra.

Unladen weight = 1,756 kg. Gross weight = 2,394 kg.

Power = 182.24BHP. Cubic Capacity = 2,184cc.

See how over-enthusiastic the Realtime FE indicator can be?

Don’t follow this at all!

Details of a particular alert inside the AdrenoX smartphone app.

The motif is given inside the rear reflector.

Not sure which Mahindra design language this indicates. Pratap?

EcoSense scores are very cardiac-friendly.

As is the Fuel Economy indicator.

Subtle rear spoiler provided.

How many cars do you know of, which come with twin ISOFIX mounts for the 2nd-row seats?!

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