My brand new Thar diesel convertible goes in for detailing & PPF

Odo currently stands at 650 km, after a recent drive from Pune to Mumbai.

BHPian blackwasp recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Picked up the Thar diesel AT Convertible variant last Friday. Primarily will be my dad’s ride – the main requirement was AT and a small footprint.

Currently, the car is with me to get basic things done post-delivery – detailing and PPF. Planning to get Galio floormats and add Aux lights in the form of an LED light bar (Hella) at a later stage.

On Monday, drove the car from Pune to Mumbai with the top lowered and there was a huge grin plastered on my face. Yes, it did get a little hot once I exited the expressway but turned on the AC and it kept blowing cool air till I reached home. Taking off the top took about 5 mins, but putting it back on took about 15 mins of wrestling the zippers.

I will share my initial impressions after driving some more and doing a bit of off-roading. Current odo stands at 650 km.

On delivery day:

Top lowered:

A video of me driving with the wind in my hair

Prepping for paint correction:

PPF application in progress:

A pic after the installers left. Have to fit back the removed bits and pieces which I will do tomorrow:

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