My brand-new Tata Nexon suffers a transmission failure

My 50 km old car faced engine sensor issues and a transmission failure after 900 km.

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I bought a new Tata Nexon on 20/4/2022 (Wednesday) from Hosur. They delivered a vehicle with a manufacturing defect.

On the very first day, I experienced (check engine symbol) sensor-related issues in my car with 50 km on the odo. The same evening I visited the dealership with my car to get rid of the issues, but the dealership service people’s response was pathetic, they misbehaved and they wouldn’t find out or rectify the issue.

So the next day I filed a complaint with Tata Motors customer care and when I visited the dealership with my car at that time they were in a hurry to get the satisfaction letter signed, but not in a hurry to resolve the issue in my car. After many arguments, they temporarily cleared the error shown in the diagnostic tool and handed over the vehicle, but the same evening the check engine symbol came back on once again. I called the dealership Service GM and informed him of the issues, he asked me to get the vehicle back to the dealership and I said I will bring it on Monday.

On Sunday, I experienced a new humming noise coming from the power unit so the next day morning (Monday) I visited the dealership regarding both issues. After a lot of drama, they told me that two sensors were malfunctioning and needed to be replaced, along with replacing the complete transmission assembly as well.

They ordered the parts and got them replaced, but I don’t understand how a 50 km old car can face engine sensor issues and a transmission failure after 900 km. The car is still parked in the dealership. I spoke to Tata Motors Regional Heads and both responded in a bad manner. They are not accepting that this issue is because of manufacturing defects. They are like do whatever you want to, this is how Tata deals with their customers, So pathetic!

So the vehicle is still in the dealership, and I don’t have the trust to get the vehicle back (defective vehicle). The car doesn’t match manufacturing standards as mentioned by Tata Motors & I feel unsafe with this car.

Here’s what BHPian ObsessedByFIAT had to say on the matter:

Sorry to hear about your ordeal!

Is this a manual or an AMT car, diesel or petrol? Sorry, with my limited knowledge, could not figure it out from the pictures.

The least Tata can do, apart from being polite and owning up to the mistake is offer to take the car back and provide a new car to the owner. 900km is too short a distance for such a catastrophic gearbox failure!

Here’s what BHPian buzzy_boy had to say on the matter:

Something doesn’t add up. From the narrative, it seems to me that the OP had done an 850 km trip with a check engine light; not advisable in any circumstances. I fear that that could be compounded the original problem, causing transmission failure.

In any case, such a brand new car must not develop such niggles, Tata must not compromise on quality.

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