Multi Lane Fast Flow (MLFF) toll collection in Malaysia soon – no need to stop to pay toll fares anymore –

We’ve heard of the term Multi Lane Fast Flow (MLFF) for quite a while now, having been mentioned as early as 2009 as a way to reduce congestion at toll plazas. The idea is to have a system for toll collection that operates without having vehicles slow down or stop at traditional toll plazas.

You know the usual complaint – motorists use highways to avoid traffic, but end up getting stuck in traffic jams at toll plazas. If implemented properly, MLFF should put an end to this completely. Now finally, it looks like we will soon see it happen for real in Malaysia.

Works minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi mentioned on Twitter that he had a meeting with all 32 tolled highway concessionaires, plus relevant industry players and stakeholders regarding the planned implementation of MLFF in the country.

“Overall, all industry players are welcoming the move towards MLFF with open arms, and a few details are currently being finetuned to ensure that the system will provide the best service for consumers. I will share more soon,” he said.

While no timeline has been mentioned, the previous senior works minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof had said back in October last year that the new toll collection system would be introduced by 2025. We will have to see if that target is still in place under the current government.

Also unclear so far is how exactly the MLFF system will work in Malaysia – whether or not motorists will have to buy a dedicated device to pay tolls is still unknown. Not having to stop to pay tolls is definitely a good thing, but having to spend money on a special device to do so? Let us know your thoughts below.

Hari ini, saya memanggil kesemua 32 buah syarikat konsesi serta pemegang taruh pemain industri lebuh raya bertol di Malaysia bagi mendapatkan maklum balas secara terus berkaitan pelaksanaan sistem kutipan tol tanpa henti di lebuhraya atau Multi Lane Fast Flow (MLFF).

— Alexander Nanta Linggi (@AlexNantaLinggi) February 15, 2023

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