Modified my Mahindra Thar hardtop: Grille, lights, seats & more

The side profile of the SUV is pretty much stock, except for the tints.

BHPian 13thpsycho recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Here are the seats with folding armrests and improved under-thigh support. The base cushion of the seat was completely changed retaining the original frame. The armrest was welded onto the frame of the original seat. Do notice on the passenger side lumbar support, it works just like it should.

Also notice at the bottom of the picture the dampening sheet along with Mass loaded vinyl topped with a carpet. I hated the wind noise and heat insulation above 80 km/h.

Bumper with LineX coating. My mom bumped the car from both sides of it and scratched it. The material is quite good only LineX came off. The Wrangler-style grille. Do note there is a little flap right next to the grill and below the fender on either side, it comes with the bumper, not the grille. Installing only the grille will leave a gap between the panels. A bug deflector is very important if you want to see the road on highways. Get one from Mahindra for around Rs 1500.

Reinstalled the factory headlights with 130/100 bulbs and relays to go with them. This along with xenons in the bumper is a perfect mix of yellow and white. Roof mounted Marker lights, scroll down to see a night shot.

Neatly integrated tweeters in the A-pillar.

The side profile is pretty much stock except for the tints.

Black kit from Mahindra for the side mirror and tail lamp

The worst mod I did was put lights in the reflectors, I should have learnt from my Creta experience. These are low-quality products and not recommended water seeps in and stops working. Do note my 2021 Ninja 1000SX.

Dead pedal below the carpet, installed according to my comfort.

Knee pads, I will get it stitched in the same colour as my seats later. It is a boon for me as my knee constantly rests on it.

Grab handles is important for the driver’s side especially because you have nothing else to grab other than the steering to “climb” into the Thar.

My under-seat woofer controller. It sits neatly in the storage area in front of the gear lever. I have the amp under the passenger seat and the woofer under the driver’s seat.

Signing off with one of my favourite clicks.

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