Mod update of my KTM Adventure 250: Headlight, wind deflector & more

The blindspot mirrors are very useful in city & highway conditions.

BHPian advstreak recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Motourenn Headlight Brace

I went to their office and got it installed. The assembly is a little tricky and I noticed the headlight vibrating more than before on the ride back. After reaching I tightened the bolts properly and finally, it felt stable again. It does feel a little more sturdy than before and I mainly got it for peace of mind due to the fear of breaking the headlight assembly due to the heavy HGJ KZ30 aux lights.

Angle Adjustable Wind Deflector

This purchase was inspired by reading a couple of articles on windshield aerodynamics. The purpose of this system is to make a laminar lip like the GIVI AIR FLOW windscreen and find the perfect angle for it.

Here is the article for reference and a post from the ADVRIDER forum about an interesting angle.

It was very wobbly when attached to the top of the Inscape Dreamz V4 windshield leading me to remove and attach it to the stock windscreen. I will keep on experimenting with various angles and jot down my observation in the follow-up posts. The build quality is not great and after finding the perfect angle I plan to make a bracket to fix it more rigidly in that position.

Blindspot Mirrors

After breaking a couple of adjustable blind spot mirrors at the ball joint finally got the cheap fixed angle double side taped ones. Although 30% of the mirror gets obstructed by the shoulders, they are still very useful in city/highway conditions.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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