MG ZS EV: Charging experience & costs on a Trivandrum-Mangalore trip

Charging cost per Kwh came to Rs 13 plus GST.

BHPian das_ren_auto recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Recently did my first long trip from Mangalore to Trivandrum. Started with 84 % SoC from Mangalore and reached Kozhikode after 9.5 hours (you heard it right) with 0% SoC.

Reached MG Kozhikode with 0% SoC and to our “luck”, the charger was under repair. Got the shock of my life. Near by charger was around 4 kms away at Pavanad. Decided to move forward and the vehicle reached there. It was a 60 kw KSEB Tirex charger. Topped up to 91% in 40 minutes and left Kozhikode. By morning 5:00 am reached KSEB Tirex Charger at Vytila, Kochi. Topped up to around 85% in 40 minutes and finally reached Trivandrum at 11.30 am. A journey of around 640 kms in 19 hours. Thanks to the NH Widening work, Christmas rush and Sabarimala pilgrimage.

Return journey took 22 hours! But ride was super comfortable. Even after driving continuously for 19 hours/22 hours I was not that much tired.

KSEB Chargers are really good(especially Tirex). On return journey I used KSEB Delta Charger at Vydyuthi Bhavan, Thrissur (120 KW Delta) and Tirex 60 KW at Valappatanam, Kannur.

Charging cost per Kwh was Rs 13 plus GST.

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