Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series for sale

Thought they were expensive a few years ago? Think again…

By Becky Wells / Thursday, September 16, 2021 / Loading comments

We don’t make a habit of churning out old content here at PistonHeads, no no. It’s just that everyone’s on holiday and we’ve run out of ideas.

Joking, joking – but we couldn’t resist shoving a Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series from our classified pages back into the spotlight for your curious eyes to pore over. We featured one back in 2017 and, long story short, you could get that beautiful hunk of 6.2-litre V8 metal at more than twice the original showroom price, at £483,950.

So, four years later, what are the stats looking like now? We’ll remind you that only 15 models were ever built in right-hand drive (which this one is), and both our 2017 model and the one listed now come in the same standard Designo Mysteric White with black and red Alcantara and a carbon fibre interior package. This one has accrued 5,000 miles. So what are we saying; higher or lower?

Well, prepare for your Brucey Bonus, because in this particular case the price is now set at £649,990 – which is 2.8 times the original tag (circa £230,000). Is it worth it? Well, there’s no doubting its rarity. Or the gullwing-door specialness. Or the sound and fury of that M159 engine. Peak power of 631hp came at 7,400rpm, with 468lb ft coming from 5,500rpm. Moreover the car removed 70kg from the regular SLS’s kerbweight thanks to ceramic brakes, a lithium-ion battery and all of the carbon fibre.

The previous Spotted pointed back to our review written by the little-known Chris Harris from all the way back in 2013, so we shall do the same here. We even have a beautiful Rise and Drive video from a couple of years ago where Dan will do a much better job than us at explaining why you should get one.

But you probably don’t need to read or hear too many words to understand what the SLS Black Series is about, and if you know, you know. Yes, there are faster, cheaper, more exciting supercars – hell, even AMGs – out there nowadays, but the Black Edition is one that is definitely doing wonders at the top end of the classifieds.

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