Mercedes-Benz to develop its own EV charging network

Once set up though, the fast-charging stations will be able to charge EVs at speeds of up to 350 kW.

Mercedes-Benz has announced that it plans to develop its own worldwide EV charging network, similar to Tesla.

According to media reports, the German car brand plans to have as many as 10,000 fast-charging power stations worldwide by the end of this decade.

Mercedes stated that the first set of EV charging stations will be set up later this year in USA & Canada. The company aims to have 400 fast-charging hubs & 2,500 chargers built & in operation across North America by 2027. Mercedes will be partnering with ChargePoint (where the company already has a stake) and MN8 Energy – one of America’s biggest solar energy & battery storage companies.

Mercedes-Benz stated that its aim isn’t to quickly ramp up the number of charging stations but to build them in a sustainable manner, using solar & other forms of renewable energy sources. Once set up though, the fast-charging stations will be able to charge EVs at speeds of up to 350 kW.

Reports also state that while non-Mercedes EVs will also be able to use the charging stations, Mercedes customers will be the primary focus. Customers of the brand will be able to reserve spots at charging spots, while the Mercedes Electric Intelligence navigation setup will help them optimise their long-distance route planning. Mercedes stated that the charging stations would come via a “Plug & Charge” function, where the wire allows the charging station to communicate directly with the EV.

The charging stations from Mercedes-Benz will be positioned at optimum locations in key cities and population centres. The power of the stations will be load managed to keep charging times optimised for all vehicles. The charging station will also have multiple bays, with those having 30 or more being safe & covered whenever possible.

The EV charging network is said to be a billion-dollar investment to start in America, funded in a 50/50 split between Mercedes-Benz & MN8.

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