Mercedes-Benz showcases MBUX Hyperscreen

The MBUX Hyperscreen will debut on the upcoming EQS electric sedan.

Mercedes-Benz has showcased its next generation dashboard featuring a large curved display called the MBUX Hyperscreen.

The MBUX Hyperscreen consists of three displays. It includes the instrument panel, infotainment system and an entertainment screen on the passenger side. The central infotainment unit and the display use OLED technology and offer haptic feedback. The complete panel has a special 3-layer coating which Mercedes calls the ‘Silver Shadow’. It is essentially a non-reflective layer that is claimed to be easier to clean.

The software used in the MBUX Hyperscreen is an evolution of the operating system used in the S-Class’ infotainment head-unit. Mercedes claims that the AI adapts to user preferences and offers 20 additional features including seat ventilation, massage function and location-based ride height increase.

The MBUX Hyperscreen will debut on the upcoming EQS. It will be offered as an option on the new electric sedan.

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