Mercedes-AMG unveils 2.0-liter 416 BHP engine

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled a 4-cylinder engine dubbed the M 139. The 2.0-liter engine develops 416 BHP and is claimed to be the world’s most powerful turbocharged four-cylinder engine in series production.

The 1,991cc, four-pot engine will be offered in 2 states of tunes – a top-spec 416 BHP / 500 Nm tune and a standard 382 BHP / 480 Nm. The maximum speed of the engine is 7,200 rpm and the wet weight is 160.5 kg.

Both versions use a twin-scroll turbocharger with boost pressures of 2.1 bar and 1.9 bar in the higher and lower states respectively. There are two flow passages for the turbine housing and they deliver exhaust flow to the turbine separately. This is claimed to improve the responsiveness at low engine speeds. The turbo is air, oil and water cooled and has a maximum speed of 1,69,000 rpm.

Compared to the preceding M 133 engine, the orientation of the new engine has changed. It is rotated around its vertical axis by 180-degrees so that the turbo and exhaust manifold now sit at the rear, near the firewall, while the intake is positioned towards the front of the car. Other features include an aluminium crankcase, larger and repositioned exhaust valves, direct and intake manifold fuel injection, electric water pump amongst others.

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