Maruti XL6 test drive: 19 specific ways it differentiates from my Xcent

At idling, my 7-year-old Xcent seems more silent than the XL6 test drive car.

BHPian roby.thomas recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

After a long time, since I posted a question in the Hyundai Xcent thread about deteriorating comfort on the not-so-perfect roads, it’s now that I really could check another one out.

I had my hand recently at two, Kia Seltos (solo drive) of my cousin. Also, I did a test drive of XL6 (with family), as a potential buyer. The following are my observations and would like to hear your views on them. This is in comparison to my existing Hyundai Xcent, listed in the order of what I noticed and could differentiate in a short 7 Km round-trip around my home, in Fort Kochi, Kerala. This is a very frequent family circuit that we daily do and has pretty ridiculous narrow and bad roads.

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