Maruti Jimny: 25 real-world observations by an off-roading veteran

The articulation for the front axle is much better than the Mahindra Thar.

BHPian Tejas@prioimpl recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

This is my second interaction with the Jimny.

The first one being in a South Africa a few years ago.

I got to drive the SA one extensively but the one in India came on carnet from Dubai and therefore I couldn’t drive it since as per law it’s only allowed to be driven by the driver on who’s name the car is registered with at customs.

However, since the vehicle in India came to my offroad property (Learn Offroad) I know the strengths and weaknesses of all the obstacles I’ve created and I’ve seen newbies drive all makes and models of vehicles over them. Therefore, having seen another newbie drive it gave me a very clear picture with regards to how she performs in our terrain.

I’m noting down points in random order:

  • I love the car. If the 3 door comes, it’ll be my next offroad car. 5 door, can’t say without driving it
  • On road – surprisingly very good for a light tall car with front and back solid axles. Not a corner carver but better than my Pajero at corners.
  • Speed – on the expressway way she was good for 120ish to overtake. Can cruise all day at 100 speed limit. Can do 140-150 but then the owner said it’s scary when he drove those speeds in DXB. So if you looking at a mile muncher doing faster speeds and more luggage space, then this car is not for you. For city and offroading, perfect size.
  • Surprisingly spacious from inside! Found it more roomier in the front than my i10
  • Rear seat is strictly for kids or one adult sitting sideways.
  • The most annoying bit is the small size A pedal. There are times in relaxed driving position, your foot may slip off the bottom.
  • The articulation is much better than the Thar in the front.
  • She is nimble and how! All the obstacles she did with zero drama. Where cars lift one wheel more than 2 feet in the air, she was doing it at less than one foot and the videos just look plain Jane in comparison to other cars
  • The light weight is a big plus factor. We did slippery climbs and the light weight with the happy revving engine and the all grip system means she climbed slopes like a goat where Thars and wranglers needed multiple attempts and higher speeds.
  • All grip system is as at par in my books with ATRAC (which I really like)
  • Steering is well balanced and one knows at every point where the wheels are pointed. Something a lot of Endy and Thar owners have not clue and rely on the onboard display to check the orientation
  • ADR angles are great.
  • GC could have been better.
  • I was surprised at what all she did on HT 185 section road tyres (at half pressure) though. A 2 step upgrade on tyres would dramatically improve performance.
  • 5th gear on the AT was sorely missed
  • Has HDC. The crawl is way better than the gypsy and as good as the petrol Thar. The diesel Thar has way better crawl though.
  • Two chassis mounted recovery points in the front and only one tie down point at the rear was surprising.
  • Boot space is at par with the Maruti 800 SS80.
  • Plain Jane key fob.
  • Airbags – 2
  • Ride quality was very very good. Even on broken roads and doesn’t loose composure on at moderate speeds on a sudden bad patch. Three hour drive back in passenger seat after a long day of mudding and there was no tiredness. Seating and comfort is good.
  • NVH is good.
  • Since it’s a petrol, some tuning and exhaust may bump up power (speculation)
  • Need to check if upgrading tyres would make it loose out on power which is just enough. However for mudding, you would need taller tyres. So it’s a toss up.
  • Articulation challenges are disposed off very well thanks to better articulation compared to newer cars and short wheel base with all grip.

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