Maruti Baleno RS ownership experience: 80k & 90k km service update

The 90k service was a minor one and no replacements were advised as per the schedule, other than the regular oil/oil filter replacement.

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Been a while since I’ve posted an update. In the meantime, since my last post, the car has quietly piled on around 20K km given the relaxation of Covid controls. Currently a shade under 90K. In the meantime, it’s done both the 80K and 90K services.

In the interests of keeping the posts relatively short, I’ll cover the 90K service details in a separate post.

80k service

Post-Covid, the RS is back to its business of munching the miles. Reached the 80K mark which called for a scheduled service. Other than the standard oil replacement and regular maintenance the following replacements were recommended as per the service manual:

  • Replacement of the water pulley drive belt.
  • Fuel filter replacement.
  • Injector cleaning fluid.
  • Coolant replacement.

Overall service was a pleasant affair. The lounge was very comfortable and the standards have been maintained over the last 4 years of my association with this NEXA service centre. A major plus is a large glass window through which you can watch your car being worked over from the comfort of your lounge.

I generally ask the service centre to leave out the standard car wash. This ensures that the service gets done and dusted in around 90 minutes instead of waiting another two hours for the wash to get done. So I was in by around 9:30 AM and got my car back by 11:00 AM. The total cost was around Rs 9548 out of which a whopping Rs 2500 was for the injector fluid. This was Rs 1800 when I bought the car in 2017! Other than that all other costs are standard Maruti fare – reasonable.

A little after 80K, one of my Yokos developed a side wall puncture due to a small sliver of metal as shown in the picture. When I took it for puncture repair the technician expressed doubt that a regular puncture repair would fix it. He said that this may be covered under the 18-month unconditional warranty that Yoko offered at the time my tyres were purchased (I think that has since been pared down). I checked with the Yoko representative in Kerala and he asked me to take it to an authorised dealer who would inspect the tyre and give him the verdict. It was covered by the warranty all right but since the tyre had less than 50% of tread life remaining the coverage would be pro-rated. I was asked to pay around Rs 2000/- and given a new tyre. Since a good deal given that a brand new tyre would cost Rs 7500 odd.

90k service

The 90k service is a minor service and no replacements were advised as per the schedule other than the regular oil/oil filter replacement. However, thinking that all belts needed to be replaced at 80K I had asked them to order the AC belt in addition to the water pulley belt replaced in the last service. On a closer read of the manual, I now realise that it’s only the water pulley belt that is mandated to be replaced at 80K and the AC/alternator drive belt is to be replaced based on condition.

After the verification of the oil filter number, the service was carried out. I requested that the wash not be done. Since the drive belt replacement was requested it took another 45 minutes extra.

The service cost Rs 5748. A few items like a cabin air filter, perfume and the keyfob battery slipped in but I let it slide. The keyfob battery was replaced at 80K as well.

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