Mansory Gets its Carbon Fibre Mits on a Bugatti, Creates Chiron Centuria

If you weren’t able to get your hands on the one-off Bugatti Chiron La Voiture Noire, then we’ve got good news. And a heck of a bargain! See, now that Bugatti has shown that it can add a zero to the price of its cars, other boutique coachbuilders are trying the same thing. So enter another ultra-exclusive Chiron. The $6.4 million Mansory Chiron Centuria.

Mansory is not a new name to anyone who follows extremely expensive custom cars. They’ve been adding what we’ll call a certain blend of style (read: grotesque extravagance) to all sorts of high-dollar cars for years now. And the Chiron is nothing different.

It starts with a carbon fiber body kit. Mansory puts a new nose on the car with its own front apron and “modified mudguards.” Those might be the most expensive mud flaps ever made. Then enormous side skirts that are a visual link between the axles. A new wing at the back along with a new diffuser is supposed to improve the car’s aerodynamics and larger air inlets give it some more cooling air. Much of the new bits are bare carbon, too, though a chop strand pattern and not the perfect weave that many of these cars use.

Inside, it might even be bolder than that kit. With bright blue on navy, with very bold quilting and contrasting piping and accents.

If you want one of these Centurias, it’ll cost you. That $6.4m tag is about what you’d pay for two boring old direct from the factory cars.

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