Mahindra rolls out 1 millionth car from each of its 3 plants

Mahindra has achieved a new production milestone as the 1 millionth vehicle rolled out from each of its three manufacturing facilities in Chakan, Zaheerabad and Haridwar. Its Nashik and Kandivali plants have already achieved this figure.

The Zaheerabad plant was opened in 1985. The first 1 lakh vehicles were built by 2005 and 5 lakh by 2013. In April 2019, the plant produced its vehicle number 10 lakh.

Mahindra’s Haridwar plant was inaugurated on December 8, 2005 and began operations in January 2006. By the end of 2018, the facility produced a range of models including the Bolero, Scorpio, Pickup, Champion, Alfa, eAlfa and Gio. At present, 4 models and 44 variants are built at this facility. 5 lakh vehicles were built in the first 8 years of operation, while the next 5 lakh were built in 5 years.

Mahindra’s Chakan plant is the newest of the three. It was opened in 2007.

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