Lotus launches new e-commerce site

Need a new K-series engine? This is where Lotus would prefer you go…

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 1 September 2022 / Loading comments

According to Lotus, something in the region of 70 per cent of its cars are still on the road. Maybe they’re not so much trouble after all. Now, to keep those cars in tip-top condition – and presumably preserve the combustion-engined heritage with the electric era already on the horizon – a new Lotus parts website has been launched. It’s, er, parts.lotuscars.com. 

It’s more than just oily bits, however. This is a fully-fledged e-commerce site that offers accessories and merchandise as well. A lot of accessories and merchandise, in fact, from model Emiras to gilets and cufflinks to facemasks. So there’s no excuse not to be kitted out in branded clothing when it’s time to work on the car. 

If you can be dragged away from polo shirts and fountain pens, a comprehensive catalogue of parts is also available. Consider it like an Argos for Hethel-built sports cars. Dating back to bits for Esprits and Excels of the early 80s to the Evoras, Elises and Exiges that have recently gone out of production, Lotus will offer original replacements or a new component manufactured to OEM spec.

Obviously this is the benefit of everyone with a Lotus in the garage – no matter whether it’s a near showroom condition Elise or an Excel which has very obviously seen better days. The new parts site has everything required, from K Series engine assemblies and gearboxes to bumpers, doors and interiors. Don’t blame us if a lunch break disappears, followed by a chunk of savings… 

Once the parts have been chosen, they can be collected or delivered from local Lotus retailers. With sales now handled direct from the factory, it will at least ensure some contact between dealers and customers.  Though intended just for the UK initially, the new Lotus parts catalogue looks set to expand over time.  

 “A Lotus car is designed, developed and built to be driven in a spirited way, and so it’s vital that we support owners in keeping their cars performing as our engineers intended. Moving our entire parts and accessories business to this new and fully searchable online portal is improving our service to them” said Chris Hinks, Lotus Aftersales Director. If you’ve set this winter aside for some quality time with the Ltous, best head to the site now before everything sells out…

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