Kuala Lumpur drivers spent 159 hours in rush hour traffic in 2022 – 104 hours saveable with 3-day WFH – paultan.org

According to the latest TomTom Traffic Index, Kuala Lumpur drivers spent 159 hours on the road during rush hour traffic in the city centre last year, which is enough time to read approximately 31 books.

Data from the survey also showed of the 159 hours that drivers spent on the road, 75 hours was due to congestion. TomTom also estimated drivers spent RM1,023 on fuel (RM221 due to congestion) and emitted 833 kg of CO2 (180 kg due to congestion).

Other findings from the survey showed the average travel time in the city centre went up last year, with the time taken to travel 10 km increasing to 16 minutes and 10 seconds (up by 1 minute and 40 seconds from 2021). It was also revealed that April 25, 2022 was the worst day to travel through Kuala Lumpur last year, with the average travel time to drive 10 km being 21 minutes.

The TomTom Traffic Index also stated drivers spent an extra 75 hours driving in rush hours over the year, with the worst rush hour being on Thursdays between 6pm to 7pm. It also showed that commuters stand to save 35 hours and RM203 in fuel costs if they worked at home on Thursdays, with these savings further increased to 104 hours and RM609 if they worked from home from Tuesdays to Thursdays.

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In terms of rankings, Kuala Lumpur placed 143rd in the TomTom Traffic Index, with first place going to London with an average travel time per 10 km of 36 minutes and 20 seconds. Drivers in London spent the most time in rush hour traffic at 325 hours, paying GBP805 (RM4,292) last year. Read the full report, here.

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