Jumping segments when upgrading your car

It was time to relax our criteria a bit. So, for the first time, we ventured into the compact sedan territory.

gpunj recently shared this with other BHPians.

In 2008, we purchased our first car, the Hyundai i10 Sportz with the 1.2-liter Kappa petrol engine. It was super easy and fun to drive within the city and was good enough for the occasional highway trip. Both me and my partner used to look forward to driving it as often as possible.

In 2013, we felt it was time for an upgrade, but were in love with the size of the i10 and didn’t want to go too big. Our requirement was still a fun and easy to drive car, but additionally, we wanted something safer with solid highway drivability. Our choice was limited – Honda Jazz, Hyundai i20 or VW Polo. We shortlisted the Polo 1.6, mostly because of the solid build and bigger engine, but got to know that it has been discontinued. But, luckily for us, VW launched the Polo GT TSI soon. I was not looking to get an automatic transmission just yet, but after a test drive, and reading up about the TSI engine + DSG combo, we went for it. And boy, did we love it. The fun and ease of driving in a safer, mechanically advanced car. Couldn’t have asked for a better upgrade.

We drove the Polo GT, with almost no hassles, till 2019, when it was again time to upgrade. Our criteria was still more or less the same – petrol hatchback, fun and easy to drive, safe, solid, dual clutch automatic and turbo petrol combo and now additionally, more luxury.

From a premium hatchback (around 10 lakhs), the only upgrade possible was a luxury hatchback (about 30 lakhs). The contenders were Mercedes A 180, BMW 1 series and Mini cooper. Just got to know that Mercedes had stopped selling A class and BMW had stopped 1 Series since last year itself (and anyways they were only selling diesel). So, we test drove the Mini, but didn’t like it so much (maybe coz the cost was more than 40 lakh OTR). So, what now?

Luckily for us, just then, Audi gave out an ad in newspapers that they were slashing the price of A3. It was time to relax our criteria a bit. So, for the first time, we ventured into the compact sedan territory – Mercedes CLA and Audi A3. Test drove A3 and as soon as I sat in, I felt it has everything I imagined a luxury car should have – immaculate interiors, beautifully laid out dashboard and excellent seats and steering wheel. Of course, the TSI + DSG combo was there. Test drove CLA immediately afterwards and felt it was too bling for our taste. Back to A3 then. And when the dealer gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse, it was done. 31 lakhs OTR Mumbai for 2019 manufactured A3 Technology variant.

From fun and easy, we have moved on to relaxed luxury with the A3 and as much it has been a matter of choices available at each stage, I feel it’s a natural progression. What do you guys think? Is there any other direction our car life could have gone?

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