Is MG Comet EV a sensible city car option: Hector owner shares 5 points

Chinese are providing potential buyers with a level of peace of mind perhaps not afforded by the Tata Tiago EV or Citroen eC3.

BHPian Arsenic recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I was able to check out the Comet recently, and here are some of my thoughts.

  • Although the Comet looks hideously tiny in photos, it’s actually a reasonably proportionate car in the flesh. I personally like the compact size, due to the fact that it makes manoeuvrability easy in tight gullies (narrow cul-de-sac-style streets) and congested city roads. I’ve also seen a Smart Fortwo in the flesh, and can comfortably say this car looks a lot bigger.

  • The back seats aren’t that tight. For context, I’m a 5’ 5” 13-year-old and I could comfortably sit there for short drives. Here’s how much legroom I had. Also, ingress and egress is also relatively easy, and the front seats are very easy to slide forward and tumble. Plus, due to the Comet’s height, I had a pretty good amount of headroom as well.

  • A massive thumbs up to MG for this car’s interiors. Very airy, fairly spacious and the tech is excellent. The touchscreen was extremely responsive and smooth, and the material quality was fabulous, even if some of the plastics were a bit scratchy. My only concern really would be how well the light-coloured cabin materials hold up in the long run.

  • The Comet has a nonexistent amount of trunk space when the rear seats are up. You have to choose – either you transport children or adults you don’t like, or you put your shopping bags in. That being said, the 60/40 split of the seats is a nice feature – you can make the life of your singular backseat passenger worse by seating them next to your haul from the local fish market if you wish to do so.

  • Do I like the Comet? In short, yes. It absolutely makes sense if you need a city car that’s cheap to run and has all the modern niceties you want. Also, as the proud owner of a 2021 Hector, I can attest to MG’s after-sales being top-notch. Additionally, keep in mind that the Chinese are the most prominent and most trusted in the global EV space right now, providing potential buyers with a level of peace of mind perhaps not afforded by the Tata Tiago EV or Citroen eC3.

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