Indian Railway�s new WDG-6G Loco: Most powerful train yet!

The Indian Railways now has a new diesel locomotive in its fleet. The WDG-6G is said to be the most powerful locomotive in India today. As per the naming convention, W, D & G stands for Broad Gauge, Diesel and Goods, while 6 stands for 6,000 HP.

The WDG-6G is based on General Electric’s Evolution Series and is manufactured at GE’s factory in Pennsylvania, USA. It is powered by a V16, 4-stroke, turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine that has an output of 6,000 HP.

The new locomotive features an improved driver’s cabin with amenities such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, hot plate, heated windshields and display screens. The cab is claimed to be designed to meet tough crash safety standards.

The packaging of the electrical hardware and other sub-systems is claimed to allow for easy maintenance. Besides, the locomotive uses lightweight bogie frames which is said to require minimal maintenance.

According to the South Central Railway, the locomotive will now be put on trials on the Vikarabad-Parli section.

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