How I got a VIP number of my choice at the RTO without an agent

The system is fairly evolved now, and generally simple numbers would be available for Rs.5000 for a private 4-wheeler.

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Recently I secured a choice number for my HyRyder from Dy. RTO, Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The process was completed without any agent and hence thought of penning my experience here.

Choice number selection / buying is not exactly an online process in Maharashtra. However, you can select a number beforehand by reviewing available numbers in Parivahan site.

From here, the process is simple and can be followed for all RTO’s under MH:

  • After opening the above link, Select Maharashtra and respective RTO. In my case it was Vashi, Navi Mumbai (43).
  • The result shows all the available numbers as of today – 2W, 3W, 4W – non transport and transport both for this particular RTO.
  • There are four series to choose from. Select the series depending on type of vehicle- once you select a series, on right hand top corner, it will show the vehicle type (LCV or 2W – like that) and in the main body all the available numbers.
  • Please note down a suitable number for you. Numbers in green will cost you Rs.5000 (4W, private, within 1000 numbers of current number) or Rs.7500 (in case number is beyond 1000 numbers from current number).
  • Numbers in RED will cost minimum Rs. 15000, or more, depending on how exotic the number is.
  • The system is fairly evolved now, and generally simple numbers would be available for Rs.5000 for a private 4-wheeler.
  • Better to select an alternate number as well. In case your choice number has been taken by someone else, you may have to once again go through the long list of available numbers. For e.g. I wanted numbers with 6,0,8 & 4. I had made two choices – 6840 and 6804.
  • Once you have one or two choice numbers, visit the RTO. Yes, physical visit is necessary and will cost you two hours of your time, max.
  • You will need (a) Aadhar card, with a linked mobile number (for OTP/SMS), a copy of the Aadhar card – as a proof of residence, (b) PAN card and copy, and (c) copy of the advance payment receipt you made to the dealer for your vehicle.
  • The charges for choice number are accepted only by DD. In case you are sure of fees involved (Rs.5k / 7.5k etc.) please bring the DD as well. DD for Vashi RTO was in the name of “DY RTO NAVI MUMBAI”
  • This is the only fees to be paid, no other charges.
  • I was under impression that fees less than 10k would be accepted in cash, but the person at RTO confirmed that even 3k is not accepted in cash. If you have DD available, it will save at least half an hour for sure.
  • Collect the form for choice number, fill it up with the details including the number. I first went to Window no. 6, the person there checked the form, compared physical Aadhar and PAN.
  • Then he checked the system for availability of my choice number and wrote on the form the fees (Rs.5k) and DD details – in the name of “DY RTO NAVI MUMBAI”.
  • Once I had the DD, went again to the same counter and he accepted form, copies of personal details and DD. He signed the form, which I took to the Dy RTO office for his signature.
  • Went to Window no. 3 where they accepted the signed form and asked me to wait for the SMS. I had to wait for c. 20 minutes for the SMS. It seems that the back office processes the form, enter the details in Parivahan site and once its over, SMS is generated. The SMS would be delivered to the mobile linked to your Aadhar card only.
  • Once SMS was shown to the counter 3 person, she printed a receipt of the payment and asked me to check all the details on the receipt.
  • This is an important step – take time to go though all the details on the receipt and confirm the correctness – name, choice number etc.
  • You are done – if you have the DD, it should be less than an hour’s job.
  • Copy / snapshot of the receipt would be required by the dealer for registration purpose.
  • In case you need some exotic numbers, the site to refer is the same.
  • Lastly, this number reservation is valid for 30 days only. So be sure of getting registration within this time limit.

Overall, I found this process to be more evolved that renewal of the license. I did that as well in DIY mode, but this is much faster and simpler process. Absolutely no need to pay any fees to RTO agent, for sure.

One passing thought: earlier we used to get simple choice numbers by paying extra 1k-2k (I paid 1.5k in 2015 for 6084), the same will cost you minimum Rs.5k and an hour of your time now in 2023! Government is making good money out of this system, at the least.

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