Honda rolls out 10-year extended warranty for bikes & scooters

Prices for the ‘Extended Warranty Plus’ program start at Rs 1,317-Rs 1,667 for 150cc-250cc models.

Honda has introduced a new extended warranty program, called ‘Extended Warranty Plus’, for its motorcycles and scooters. As part of this program, customers can avail of an extended warranty of up to 10 years.

Extended Warranty Plus offers coverage of up to 1,30,000 km and 1,20,000 km on 250cc motorcycles and scooters, respectively. Prices start at Rs 1,317-Rs 1,667 for 150cc-250cc models.

The program offers flexible options depending on the age of the vehicle. Customers can purchase the extended warranty from any authorized dealership within a window of 91 days to the 9th year.

The extended warranty covers regular maintenance, cover for mechanical and electrical parts as well as engine components. Customers can also transfer the extended warranty.

Source: ET Auto

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