Haryana to offer 15% incentive on EVs & Hybrids

Models like the Honda City e:HEV and the upcoming Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder Hybrid are likely to cost less in Haryana.

The government of Haryana has approved its 2022 Electric Vehicle Policy. Under the new policy, the government will offer financial benefits to both EV and hybrid car buyers.

The state is offering incentives based on the different categories. For the first time, hybrid buyers will get a 15% discount with a maximum of Rs. 3 lakh. It is applicable on hybrid cars that cost less than Rs. 40 lakh.

EVs priced between Rs. 15-40 lakh will be offered with a discount of 15%, with a maximum incentive of Rs. 6 lakh. The incentive on CBU / imported EVs priced between Rs. 40-70 lakh has also been set 15%, with a maximum discount of Rs. 10 lakh.

The policy also offers incentives of up to Rs. 1 crore for setting up EV disposal facilities in the state.

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